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Filleraesthetics is the specialized Online Shop for the purchase of state-of-the-art products and devices for aesthetic medicine.
Always more consumers and specialists need for safe, effective and scientifically tested products to perform beauty treatments, ensuring tangible and durable results. Filleraesthetics offers a wide range of top-quality devices for aesthetic medicine treatments. The selection of bio-revitalizing products, medical devices, fillers, food supplements and accessories for beauty treatments is aimed at restoring and revitalizing the well-being of those who choose to rely on Filleraesthetics.

You can unleash your beauty by using the best aesthetic medical devices.

What doeas aesthetic medicine mean?

Aesthetic medicine is the medial branch that takes care of the psychophysical well-being of those who want to restore or revitalize the natural aspect of their body. Blemishes caused by trauma, imperfections, and aging are some of the reasons to rely on aesthetic medical treatments. Restoring or revitalizing the physical appearance helps to achieve the perfect balance between mind and body, to increase the sense of well-being and improve life quality.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recognises the role of aesthetic medicine within the sphere of people’s health. The health concept depends on the psychophysical well-being of each of us.
Those who look for this balance rely on aesthetic medicine.

Aesthetic medicine and aesthetic surgery

Aesthetic medicine and cosmetic surgery are two medical branches with similar goals (both act on patients’ aesthetics), through different treatments. Sometimes, aesthetic surgery meets cosmetic medicine to offer better beauty results.
Aesthetic surgery involves invasive surgeries with anesthesia. Aesthetic surgeries are invasive and permanent as the operations aim at correcting physical damage or malformations caused by diseases or accidents. They often require long periods of recovery.

Unlike aesthetic surgery, aesthetic medicine does not provide invasive treatments or any long recovering time. Aesthetic medical treatments, in fact, use specific techniques which correct or improve blemishes and body imperfections temporarily. Most treatments include multiple sessions to make the result even more durable. Aesthetic medicine specialists’ competences and skills – in combination with the most advanced products and devices – can ensure a lasting aesthetic result.

What aesthetic medicine can do?

Aesthetic medicine boasts a 360° vision of patients in order to offer them psychophysical balance. Based on the needs of those who rely on aesthetic medicine, there are different treatments that can reactivate natural processes to correct imperfections, reactivate body functions and improve the physical aesthetics. Biorevitalization techniques, biostimulation, fillers and food supplements are non-invasive and effective. The quality of treatments and medical devices affects the results.

Shortly, Aesthetic medicine helps to find the perfect balance between mind and body.

The aesthetic medicine advantages and benefits

The advantages of aesthetic medicine are many. As already mentioned, one of the main reasons why an increasing number of patients rely on aesthetic medicine is the possibility of intervention with non-invasive treatments. Also, the absence of anesthesia allows to eliminate the post-treatment recovery period completely.
Another advantage is the safety of aesthetic medical treatments. In fact, they are performed with safe products and devices within a controlled environment, such as clinics.

The direct benefits of aesthetic medicine are purely aesthetic. In fact, specific series of treatments can improve your physical appearance gradually by correcting the imperfections that create discomfort in the patient. This direct benefit comes along with it an indirect benefit: a better physical appearance allows acquiring greater self-esteem. This is how aesthetic medicine helps millions of people by restoring their psychophysical balance every day!

Shopping aesthetic medical products online

You can find the best aesthetic medical products on the Filleraesthetics Online Shop. Choose from medical devices, supplements, accessories and products for biorevitalization and biostimulation treatments. Each category of the Shop is meant to support patients and aesthetic medicine specialist in the execution of professional treatments. The need for beauty and psychophysical well-being have found a new ally.

On Filleraesthetics you can find everything you need for effective and safe beauty treatments.

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