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Biostimulation threads

The biostimulation threads are used for non-invasive bio-lifting techniques. Bio-lifting is an aesthetic medical practice that aims at improving skin’s health – within the areas of face and neck – by increasing the production of collagen and elastin. Polydioxanone is the main component of the biostimulation threads. This material is also used in surgical sutures, including cardiac sutures. This is one of the reasons why this technique is extremely safe. The hypoallergenic component does not cause intolerances as it is totally free of heavy metals, including nickel. The effects of this aesthetic medical process allow a facelift to give the skin more tone and elasticity.

What is a treatment with biostimulation threads?

A treatment with biostimulation threads consists of inserting a threaded implant through a needle in the affected area. Once inserted, the biostimulation thread will anchor under the skin to begin the tissue cleansing action. The result of this aesthetic medical procedure will be visible in a short time through the stimulation of the cells’ metabolism to produce collagen. Counteracting skin aging and improving blood circulation impact on skin brightness and hydration. A few weeks after the application, it will also be possible to see the effects of collagen synthesis. As time progresses, the biostimulation thread will be absorbed into the connective tissue and further promote collagen formation until the natural action of hydrolysis completely absorbs it. The duration of an injection – about 12 months – can vary for each individual.

When biostimulation threads are recommended

The biostimulation threads are an aesthetic medical treatment for men and women with face, neck, or body wrinkles, caused by skin aging. The material used during this bio-lifting technique guarantees the operation’s safety due to its total resorbability through hydrolysis and the minimal side effects.

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