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The cannula are thin steel needles used in several medical fields, surgery, and aesthetic medicine. The cannula is an innovative system – accurate and safe – to execute some anti-aging techniques such as bio-revitalization and filler. The cannula functionality is appreciated by those who perform aesthetic medicine‘s technique as it allows to reduce the injections compared to a regular syringe. Once the cannula is inserted, the user can point it easily due to its flexibility. The cannulas are therefore particularly suitable for aesthetic medicine treatments that aim at volumetric rebalances, restoration of elasticity and tone of the epithelial tissue as well as tensive effects of the parties involved. That’s why cannula are suitable for aesthetic medicine that aim at volumetric balance, skin elasticity restoration, epithelial tissue toning, and tensive effects.

Cannula features

The cannula characteristics meet the aesthetic medicine‘s criteria to treat different areas of the body.Following a technologically advanced process of realization, we achieved a high-performance product that can be used safely. The cannula have different lengths and gauges in order to provide the maximum efficiency according to the areas of intervention. The cannula‘s centimetric gradation gives maximum accuracy and guarantees excellent treatment results. Materials and shapes of the flexible and rounded cannula are extremely accurate and gentle, even the most sensitive skin. This is why cannula are preferred to other types of syringes by most aesthetic medicine doctors.

Cannula’s benefits

There are several benefits by using cannula in aesthetic medicine. The most important one is the possibility of executing fewer injections than other devices. It also reduces the risk of bruising, post-treatment swelling, while fastening the treatment recovery. Moving the cannula in the trans-dermal layer allows reaching the intervention areas easily, minimizing the risk of blood vessels rupture, and avoiding ecchymosis.

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