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Definisse Core Filler + Lidocaine Relife (1 x 1ml)

150,00 100,00

Definisse Restore Filler + Lidocaine Relife (1 x 1ml)

105,00 95,00

Definisse Touch Filler + Lidocaine Relife (1 x 1ml)

120,00 90,00


145,00 85,00

Evryal SOFT

140,00 80,00


150,00 85,00


85,25 59,67

FILLMED® – Art Filler Lips Soft with L 1 x 1ml

122,00 73,00

FILLMED® – Art Filler Universal 2 X 1,2ML

239,00 136,00

Protected: FILLMED® Art Filler Lines 2 X 1,2ML

178,00 105,00

Protected: FILLMED® Art Filler Lips 2 X 1ML

239,00 130,00

FILLMED® Art Filler Volume 2 X 1,2ML

254,00 145,00


150,00 95,00

HYAcorp MLF1 1 X 10ml

280,00 107,00

Hyamira Basic 1 x 1ML

145,00 61,00

Hyamira Forte 1 x 1ML

150,00 65,00

Hyamira Soft 1 x 1ML

140,00 51,00

Jalor Style – (1X1ml)

120,00 67,00

Jalor Sweet Kiss Lidocaine – (1X1ml)

160,00 67,00

Jalor Sweet Touch Lidocaine -(1X1ml)

140,00 67,00

Juvederm – Ultra 4 – Confezione 2 siringhe da 1ml

259,20 173,50

Juvederm Ultra 3 – 2 syringes of 1ml

259,20 174,50

Juvederm Voluma – (2X1ml)

346,50 200,00

RADIESSE Syringe 1.5ml

215,00 136,85


Fillers are mainly based on hyaluronic acid and collagen. These devices are used in aesthetic medicine to treat skin imperfections such as wrinkles or scars. A filler treatment is a non-invasive technique of remodeling​​the body without performing cosmetic surgery. The results are visible in a short time. The fillers act through subcutaneous injections aimed at filling volumes that have changed their shape over time due to aging or other causes. Filler treatment is an effective solution against skin aging by promoting tissue hydration and the collagen production, which has an anti-aging effect on the skin.

What is a filler treatment?

Filler injections, as already mentioned, are a non-invasive treatment that does not require the use of anesthesia. Some cases require local anesthetic creams to avoid unpleasant tingling or aches when applied to sensitive areas such as the lips. The fillers used during these treatments are injected through pre-filled syringes equipped with thin and accurate needles. A filler treatment duration varies according to the type of substance used – from biological and resorbable fillers to semi-permanent or permanent ones. Absorbable fillers are the safest as they are composed of biological material based on hyaluronic acid and collagen. Also, habits affect the duration of the anti-aging effect: stress, smoking, pollutants, exposure to UV rays and the amount of physical activity affect the action of the substance.

When are filler treatments recommended?

Filler treatments are recommended to eliminate skin imperfections such as aging, wrinkles, scars, and to fill thin lips and sagging cheekbones. The effects of the fillers depending on the treated areas. Hyaluronic acid and collagen will reactivate and foster cell metabolism, leading to skin rejuvenation.

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