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Aqualyx 10 x 8ml


Aquashine BR Soft Filler Revofil 1 Vial x 2ml


Bio-Meyisun – Mono Thread – Biostimulation threads 30G x 12 X 15mm – 1 sachet


Bio-Meyisun – Mono Thread – Biostimulation threads 27G 50x70mm – 1 sachet


Bio-Meyisun – Mono Thread – Biostimulation threads 29G 38×50 mm – 1 sachet


Bio-Meyisun – Mono Thread – Biostimulation threads 30G 25×30 mm – 1 sachet


CYTOCARE 532 10 flaconi 5ml


Definisse Core Filler + Lidocaine Relife (1 x 1ml)


Definisse Double Needle 23 cm 6 Threads


Definisse Restore Filler + Lidocaine Relife (1 x 1ml)


Definisse Touch Filler + Lidocaine Relife (1 x 1ml)


DUROLANE 60mg / 3ml


EPLINE Pdo Thread / Bi-Directed Cog Type With Sharp Needle 21G 90mm


Evryal HYDRATE 2x2ml




Evryal SOFT




HAIRCARE 10 flaconi 5ml


HYAcorp MLF1 1 X 10ml


Hyamira Basic 1 x 1ML


Hyamira Forte 1 x 1ML


Hyamira Soft 1 x 1ML


Jalor Style – (1X1ml)


Jalor Sweet Kiss Lidocaine – (1X1ml)


Medical devices

The selection of the best aesthetic devices on the Shop Online of Filleraesthetics gives the chance to use aesthetic medicine as an effective and non-invasive solution for the treatment of blemishes and natural signs of aging without choosing cosmetic surgery.
You need to rely on the best professionals and the best medical devices to carry out a series of effective and durable aesthetic treatments. In the category of medical devices, you can buy injectable fillers, creams, gels and beauty solutions to repair, redefine and enhance your beauty lines.

All the medical devices in the Online Shop of Filleraesthetics express the best selection on the market, able to guarantee the maximum degree of safety and effectiveness.

When are medical devices recommended?

Medical devices for aesthetic medicine treatments are required to perform anti-aging treatments – from the most to the least invasive – following the highest safety standards. Everything is aimed to counteract the effects of time on the skin’s beauty and health. Over the years, the skin loses shine and elasticity, causing the appearance of wrinkles and imperfections, treatable with aesthetic medicine. The medical devices available on the Online Shop of Filleraesthetics take advantage of the action of hyaluronic acid solutions to counteract skin aging.

The consequences of aging affect the psycho-physical well-being of the patient. That’s why aesthetic medicine helps to regain the balance between mind and body through the use of the best medical devices. 

What are medical devices for aesthetic medicine?

Fillers, gels, creams and serums are all medical devices for performing cosmetic medicine treatments. Each treatment requires the right tools and products to achieve maximum effectiveness. That’s why Filleraesthetics has selected only the most advanced medical devices within this category. The aim is to provide patients and specialists with the best product on the market. The medical devices chosen by Filleraesthetics meet the highest standards of effectiveness and safety.
Hands, face, and any part of the body that needs a beauty surgery can rely on professionals’ best medical devices in the industry.

Why choosing the products on the FillerAesthetic Online Shop

The products on the FillerAesthetic Online Shop are the selection of the best medical devices for aesthetic medicine. They are an excellent choice for those who want to rejuvenate their skin through the action of collagen and hyaluronic acid compounds, which can restore the cellular activity to its optimal functionality.

Check which products are reserved exclusively for qualified health professionals.