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Traction threads

Traction threads are aesthetic medical devices that reshape face, neck, and décolleté, while maintaining natural lines and rejuvenating the skin. The traction threads are biocompatible, bio-stimulating, and re-absorbable devices, which are used to treat the body naturally and without side effects. With aging, the skin tends to become less toned and elastic. The treatments with traction threads – inserted into the subcutaneous tissue – will traction the skin tissues in the desired position due to the action of the substances released. This procedure fosters and increases the production of collagen.

What is a treatment with traction threads?

A treatment with traction wires consists of a minimally invasive practice involving light local anesthesia to allow the doctor to position the traction threads. Traction threads are placed in the areas that need more tone and elasticity for the skin. The advantages of this non-invasive treatment are many. This practice lifts the skin, decreasing the effects of aging and fostering the production of anti-aging substances, such as collagen, elastic fibers, and hyaluronic acid. This treatment also improves vascularity, which allows the skin to have a bright and vivid color. In addition, there is no permanent implant. In fact, traction threads are biocompatible and, therefore, totally re-absorbable within months. This practice with traction threads has no particular side effects.

When traction threads treatments are recommended

The traction threads are mainly recommended when you want to counteract skin aging, loss of tone and elasticity of the skin and wrinkles. Thanks to the presence of polylactic acid in the traction threads, all these imperfections will be treated by the anti-aging effect of this device which will foster the renewal of epithelial cells in order to bring new lymph to the skin.

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