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Food supplements

Food supplements are specific products for the integration of nutrients that are useful to our body. These products are food supplements – and not substitutes – to the normal diet that integrate beneficial substances to support and stimulate the body in the intake and natural production of substances for our well-being. In aesthetic medicine, collagen supplements are the best known.

Aesthetic medicine also uses the support of food supplements to optimize and maintain the effects of beauty treatments. Collagen supplements further enhance the outcome of modern beauty treatments (mainly blemishes corrections).

When are food supplements recommended? 

Food supplements are recommended to counteract skin aging’s effects. Among its products for aesthetic medicine, Filleraesthetics dedicated an entire section to food supplements formulated with selected ingredients to prevent skin aging. Through regeneration and protection processes, it is possible to guarantee an effective anti-aging effect.

Aesthetic medicine uses food supplements to stimulate collagen production and give the skin better health over time. In the world of supplements, collagen is used in two main forms: the whole form and the hydrolyzed form. The whole collagen can be taken by the body just as it does with proteins in order to increase the level of collagen in the body. Hydrolyzed collagen, decomposed into peptides, aims at making the body produce more collagen than normal.

What are food supplements for aesthetic medicine? 

Food supplements are easily assimilated by the body to maintain the effects of anti-aging beauty treatments and to protect the skin from the natural aging process. Collagen supplements are part of this category of products and are the best allies of aesthetic medicine. Collagen, in fact, shapes the skin by alleviating the effects of aging. From the age of 25, the skin begins to lose its strength and elasticity. This is why food supplements play a fundamental role in the aesthetics and well-being of the body. Choose the food supplement you need for your body among the FillerAesthetics selection. Every product of this Online Shop is meant to make your beauty shine over time.

Why choosing the products on the FillerAesthetic Online Shop

The products on the FillerAesthetic Online Shop are the selection of the best food supplements for aesthetic medicine. They are an excellent choice for those who want to protect and rejuvenate their skin through the action of collagen.


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