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Lipolysis is a non-invasive treatment – made through infiltrations – which aims to remove the accumulation of fat. When diet or physical activity is not enough to achieve the desired results, lipolysis is a valid alternative to help the body dissolve fat cells by expelling them through natural methods.

From a scientific point of view, lipid catabolism, or lipolysis, is a metabolic process aimed at splitting triglycerides into simpler substances such as glycerol and fatty acids.

What is lipolytic treatment?

Excess fat is deposited in various body areas depending on gender and body size, such as hips, belly, and chest in men and knees, glutes, and thighs in women. Lipolysis is an excellent option to eliminate excess adipose tissues effectively and quickly. A few sessions will help you slim down the affected areas in combination with a good diet and physical activity. This non-invasive treatment lasts about fifteen minutes per session. Injections are made with small needles, do not require any kind of hospitalization, and therefore allows an immediate return to one’s routine, unlike liposuction, which is a surgery that involves incisions to remove excess fat or skin and involves much longer recovery times.

When are lipolytic treatments recommended?

Lipolytic treatments are recommended on accumulations of fat difficult to dispose of and not too excessive, localized in different areas of the body or face, as in the case of the double chin. This type of treatment aimed at the dissociation of triglycerides, has an immediate action that manifests through a small swelling in the treated areas. This effect indicates the action of the injected compound as it dissolves fats. The result of lipolytic treatments lasts over time, especially if combined with a healthy lifestyle and regular workouts. In rare cases, lipid accumulation in the area of ​​origin may reappear after some years.

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