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DUROLANE 60mg / 3ml


Guna Medical Devices MD-NECK 10vials 2ml


Guna Medical Devices MD-NEURAL 10vials 2ml


Guna Medical Devices MD-HIP 10vials 2ml


Guna Medical Devices MD-ISCHIAL 10vials 2ml


Guna Medical Devices MD-KNEE 10vials 2ml


Guna Medical Devices MD-LUMBAR 10vials 2ml


Guna Medical Devices MD-MATRIX 10vials 2ml


Guna Medical Devices MD-POLY 10vials 2ml


Guna Medical Devices MD-SHOULDER 10vials 2ml


Guna Medical Devices MD-SMALL JOINTS 10vials 2ml


Guna Medical Devices MD-THORACIC 10vials 2ml


Guna Medical Devices MD-TISSUE 10vials 2ml


Synvisc One Hylan G-F 20 3x2ml


Orthopedic Products

FillerAesthetic offers various orthopedic products aimed at improving some conditions, chronic and not, in a totally non-invasive way without occurring to surgical measures that require long recovery times. Some of the problems that can be alleviated are osteoarthritis of the joints, poor posture and osteoarthritis. Infiltrations counteract these pathologies, often carried out by doctors using hyaluronic acid. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease that affects the joint tissues during aging and in particular the cartilage, which no longer offers the right protection to the skeleton by decreasing its volume over time and losing hydration and elasticity. This causes greater friction of the bones that wear excessively, thus destabilizing the entire joint balance. The triggering causes of this degenerative pathology are many including genetic predisposition, overweight, wrong physical activity, and other pathologies such as diabetes or inflammatory and infectious phenomena. There are several ways to counteract osteoarthritis, especially if the disease is not at its peak. A healthy and controlled lifestyle, combined with physiotherapy to improve the muscle tone of the affected areas, support the joints perfectly. If these precautions are not sufficient to allow you to carry out a normal and comfortable routine, a concrete possibility of non-invasive intervention to improve your condition is the use of infiltrations with filled syringes.

Filled syringes

The filled syringes are products on the FillerAesthetic Online Shop dedicated to infiltrations. Infiltrations are a non-invasive practice aimed at improving a condition of inflammation or acute pain in the affected joints thanks to the injection of hyaluronic acid which has beneficial effects on bones and cartilage. The intra-articular injection of hyaluronic acid into the synovial fluid helps to lubricate and cushion mechanical movements, thus alleviating pain and favoring a reconstruction of the surface layer of cartilage with a duration of well-being resulting from a cycle of infiltrations of about 6 months / 1 year.

Why choosing the products of the FillerAesthetic Online Shop

FillerAesthetic offers only the best of orthopedic products to guarantee those who use them an optimal return to physical well-being thanks to the techniques used. The filled syringes available on the Online Shop are recommended by the best doctors who use them to counteracts chronic problems such as arthrosis. By visiting the FillerAesthetic Online Shop it will be possible to discover all the offers dedicated to orthopedic products.

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